Her Green Figs

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

31 March 2007

Screwing Up Left and Right

and Up and Down
and Forward and Backward

Nothing tragic, but all sorts of little stuff.

I was supposed to judge a cooking contest. I got the directions and the address and wrote it in my Palm. I got up an hour early so I could take the dog to the park and tire her out so she wouldn't mind staying in her crate all day. I didn't leave enough time, but she got a decent run. No time to make coffee for me or dry my hair or find the instructions for the judging though.

I stopped to buy petrol for the car, even though I didn't really have enough time. CRAZY prices, and I didn't fill up all the way because I'm really poor.

Couldn't find my friend's house so called him when I was 10 minutes late and realized I was on the completely wrong side of a major road.

Smashed a CD case to splinters accidentally.

Drove right to the place, parked way far away, walked up to sign in and was told there was nothing for us to do. We arrived at 10:18 for a 10:00 call. As it turns out, the call was for 9, but I screwed up.

The town was having a festival, so we walked around a little and it was a little infuriating and packed with all the usual festival craft show crap. When did festivals start being all about bullshit crafts?

Hiked back to the car and drove to another, smaller, town and ate at the diner. It was fine, not great (except for the cole slaw and the peach cobbler which were excellent).

Friend asked for story about mysteriously visiting ex two weeks ago. I told a longer story that inspired me to burst into ugly tears which inspired my friend to burst into sympathetic tears which made me feel much much worse.

Drove home. Received a registered letter of foreboding horror from my insurance company. Didn't open it.

Tried to nap; failed.

Cooked a steak; was pestered by dog while eating and couldn't enjoy it.

Was invited to "get shitty drunk" with friend, but would rather stay home and feel sorry for myself.

Cooking peach cobbler. If it burns or sets fire to the house, it will round out my day perfectly.