Her Green Figs

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

27 May 2006

Restoration Hardware

I'll all about shopping for ceiling rosettes, picture rail hanger-thingies, period switchplates, and duct registers. I'm trying to figure out how to paint (one color above the picture rail, another color under, and then trim--should it contrast or monochrome?, each room a different color? each room the same color but with an accent specific to the room? If so, then where? and what color? Many, many questions).

I don't know where to hang curtain rods in these rooms. The picture moulding is at just the same level as the top of the window moulding and I don't especially want to introduce yet another horizontal line into the rooms (already there is baseboard, firebox, fireplace surround, mantel, super-mantel, door casing, plus picture moulding--it's a lot). The windows are topped with significant pediments, and I suspect I should place simple brackets at the outer edge of these, which would put the rod itself just below the picture rail, then the rod could extend out past the window casing an appropriate distance. With a little top ruffling or something, that would make the curtain tops meet the picture moulding spot on. Yeah, that's probably what I should do.

Anyhow, in searching out one answer or another, I came across this choice bit of advice that I just can't resist preserving here. "The armrests of a chair quickly get mucky so clean them up by rubbing with a loaf of bread." I guess the loaf isn't sliced, but is bread crust really capable of demucking armrests? Should the bread be stale or fresh? Does the fiber content matter?

I've found a LOVELY square grand piano here locally and really want it for my new house, though this is surely not the smartest way to spend $2200. It's only $2200 though! How much does it cost to move a piano? That house requires a piano, plus it figures large in my vision of a house full of charming, musical, fun-having guests. I think the finish on this piano isn't quite right though. That can be my reason not to get it. I really want it though!

I have a LOT of wood furniture to refinish to match this house. What a pain. Just sitting right here I can count 9 major pieces that will have to be redone. Luckily, I really enjoy furniture refinishing.