Her Green Figs

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

21 April 2006

A Four Hour Dinner in Which I Can't Hold My Wine

Lovely meal. Plain old salad, nothing special with far too thick and tough "special" kitchen made crackers. Bleugh. We had the only Australian white on the list which was from a very pedestrian Eastern winery that I don't much care for. Had there been a decent Italian or even German, I would have gone for that, but everything else was Napa. I don't do Napa.

Lovely evening nevertheless. I learned a lot more about my new best friend, which is wonderful, but he also fed my appetite for scandalous gossip on people we know. I now have confirmation from four different sources that HeartThrob is a coke head. He's also a "functional alcoholic." I am old enough and wise enough to know that getting involved with a person with such problems is a BAD IDEA. New Best Friend decrees that HeartThrob would make an excellent fling/transition from my multi-year period of DEEP MOURNING, but that he is absolutely not an appropriate choice for any sort of lasting, meaningful, rewarding relationship. I am old enough and wise enough to know that I should not hitch my wagon to someone who needs "fixing" and who I don't trust unconditionally. However, I still find HeartThrob POWERFULLY attractive and would attach myself to him in an instant on invitation.

Tonight I am going to attempt to change out my nostril piercing. I'm really supposed to wait another three weeks, but it's been four and a half months and I really hate this original piece and am DYING to get my little platinum and diamond piece in there. Besides, it's not cystic or infected or scabby for a change. Plus, I'm pretty drunk and less nervous about the undertaking than I would be normally.

Golly but I'm hungry.

I told New Best Friend that my ex looks exactly like John Hannah, which he does, and New Best Friend was VERY IMPRESSED. I could have been a very lucky girl indeed, but, instead, I ran away from home, left my job and friends, sold my house, and moved 500 miles away to start over. I have done so, slowly, and with some success. Yet, I spent my Friday with my NEW BEST FRIEND instead of a new boyfriend or HeartThrob. I had a good time though.

I think I may be racially incapable of playing slide guitar. I don't know how Clapton does it. I'm sure it can't be that I'm a musical idiot. No, definitely not that.