Her Green Figs

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

27 February 2006

Voodoo Child

I've spent the last three hours making one voodoo doll from scratch and improving on one I made earlier. This is exactly the sort of thing that, if anyone saw or even found out about, would render me officially "nuts." In my defense I must state that I have studied hoodoo in actual college classes and recreationally, so my own dolls should be viewed less suspiciously (or, perhaps, MORE suspiciously) than those of your average nut. There's some actual data behind my creations.

So, some time ago, I made a voodoo doll of me. She is made of two popsicle sticks (one raspberry and one grape), is stuffed with squiggly red yarn and a few cotton bolls, and has a big red felt heart under her rag dress in lavender. The dress is bound with lavender yarn. Tonight I removed the hairbrush-rescued hair that was tied to the top popsicle stick, glued on a flattering photograph for her face and glued the hair to the back of the photo. I made a tiny book (including an embossed cover and individual pages sewn in) and glued that to her hand.

Tonight's primary creation, though, was a HeartThrob voodoo doll. He's made with one strawberry and one raspberry popsicle stick, has squiggly red yarn innards and a matching red felt heart, but with my name written on it. He also has a very large and very hard lower male appendage made of a round rubber stamp of an arrow being shot into a heart-shaped target. He's wearing a rag suit of blue marbled print (one of the fireworks from Elizabeth's doctoral quilt) bound with red yarn. He also has a photo glued to the top for his head. I may make him a guitar to hold.

I have several ceremonies in mind for these two, including binding them to each other in various ways, but I'll need some pink candles first.

I'm hungry. I've been so good today! I didn't eat the pizza that I really wanted, I didn't eat any of the Cadbury's Dairy Milk that's sitting around tempting me, I ate strawberries plain and didn't even squirt canned whipped cream into my mouth when I took them out of the fridge. Likewise, I did not stuff a pinch of two of fancy shredded sharp cheddar cheese into my mouth. I gorged myself on strawberries and ate probably half a pound of collards, but those just aren't as satisfying as, say, a big drippy cheeseburger. I should work on thinking of HeartThrob's big hard piece everytime I want cheesecake or something, although that will probably only make me crave it all the more! I have sore places all over my body today. I lifted weights yesterday and ellipticalled today.

My hair is gorgeous today! It's a shame I haven't taken it out to show it off somewhere. Like to HeartThrob.