Her Green Figs

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

05 January 2006


Happy 12th Day!

We'll be singing a service at 6 in the Cathedral--please come!


At 21:53, Blogger Chris said...

Ok, I'm not really commenting on your Epiphany blog BUT a friend of mine sent me to your blog because you seemed like someone who has at least a little in common with me.

I'm a professional singer/voice teacher working on a doctorate @ the University of Alabama and have had some fun reading your blog (Julie Layne linked me to it). So anyway, hopefully your last blog happened before things started looking up. My blog is bamadma.blogspot.com. I'm not quite an every day poster but hopefully getting better.

God bless

At 22:09, Blogger Deb R said...

Commenting at your very first post because this is the only place I could find comments enabled -

Did you know you won the June Blogging 4 Books contest and Joshilyn and Shanna have been trying to reach you?


At 22:49, Anonymous Joshilyn said...

Hey -- Can you send me an Email -- you won Blogging for Books, and Shanna needs a mailign addy to send you your prize. Also, if you WANT to be a guest blogger judge thismonth, you can. No obligation.


At 23:45, Blogger Serenity Now! said...

Hellooooo... you need to go over to Joshilyn's blog because you WON something!


At 11:56, Anonymous Joshilyn said...

Hey Your Figliness

the FINALISTS are up on Faster Than Kudzu --- so go do your JUDGING THING at
and send me first second and third place to



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